iPhone crashes while installing iOS 17 – solution


Apple iPhone crashes while installing iOS 17.In mid-September, Apple released the new version iOS 17 of their operating system for iPhones. Personally, I always wait a few weeks before installing it so I can be sure there are no more major problems anymore.

This week, iOS 17.0.3 was released and I downloaded and installed it through the “Settings” screen of my 2020 iPhone SE. This all went fine. While installing, my iPhone rebooted and I saw the black screen with the progress bar.

But after waiting for 1 hour, the bar was still at 98%. The install can take a while, but after another hour waiting, the result was the same. It looked like the iPhone had crashed. It also stopped responding to any of the physical buttons.


I soon began to think that the only solution would be to reinstall my iPhone. But actually I didn’t feel like doing that because then you also have to reinstall all  apps. Over the years there have been quite a few.

So I contacted Apple Support. Through the chat I was helped by a friendly man. I told him what I had tried.

Together we came to the conclusion that it had crashed and that rebooting would be the only option. I did that by performing the step-by-step plan below.

Note: my iPhone was already at 98%, if your iPhone is already crashing before this you may do more damage than desired with the steps below. When in doubt, always contact the Apple help desk.

Step-by-step plan:

  1. Plug iPhone into an electrical outlet so it can charge
  2. Briefly press and release the volume up button
  3. Briefly press and release the volume down button
  4. Press and hold the iPhone power button until you see the Apple logo

I was then getting a white screen, with black Apple logo and a black progress bar. This filled up in a few minutes. After this, I was able to use my Apple iPhone SE 2020 as usual with iOS 17.0.3.

Tested on:

iPhone SE 2020 upgrade from iOS 16 to iOS 17.

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