Elementor button widget no longer shows option to set a size

Problem: With the free version of Elementor, it is possible to add a button widget to a page. For example, I use this button on my homepage at the bottom so that people can click through to more blogs. Elementor always had the option that you could change the size of the button to: Extra small Small Medium Large Extra large These are standard sizes

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Links in WordPress blog subscription emails don’t work anymore

Problem: My WordPress websites uses the Jetpack plugin that makes it possible for visitors to subscribe themself so that they get an e-mail when I publish a new blog. This week a subscriber sent me a mail to tell me that the links in those e-mails doesn’t work anymore. I directly tested it and the subscriber was right. When you click on the link you

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Important to know when updating Font Awesome to version 6

Today I updated a WordPress site with a custom theme to make it work correctly with PHP 8.1 and WordPress 6.4.2. One of the steps I took was to upgrade from Font Awesome 5 to 6. Although some of the code still looked like Font Awesome 4. Problem: All icons still worked after the upgrade. One exception was the search glass icons in the input

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iPhone crashes while installing iOS 17 – solution

Problem: In mid-September, Apple released the new version iOS 17 of their operating system for iPhones. Personally, I always wait a few weeks before installing it so I can be sure there are no more major problems anymore. This week, iOS 17.0.3 was released and I downloaded and installed it through the “Settings” screen of my 2020 iPhone SE. This all went fine. While installing,

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Num Lock cijfertoetsen werken niet meer

Num Lock number keys no longer work on Windows

Problem: You have a keyboard or laptop keyboard with numeric section where the right number keys no longer work. The cursor does move around on the screen. The light associated with the Num Lock key does work. This goes off or on. If you turn it on then the number keys still do not work. Solution a: You can turn the Num Lock key on

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